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>…If the school issued a disclaimer that they're not able to "enforce" but instead strongly "suggest" a code of conduct,  couldn't social mores/taboo take care of the 2-3 "standard deviations" from population average? ;)


>…Isn't this technology just exacerbating the problems we've had maintaining civilization [sic] in it's present form? So let's get on with making some new rules. What IS worth worrying about?  Mike


Mike I am one who sees the glass not just half full, but really full in all the ways that matter, because the glass can be refilled arbitrarily many times.  That one glass can fill a swimming pool if one is patient enough.


Distance learning not as a crisis at all, but rather a marvelous opportunity.  While recognizing it is a crisis for some, it is a marvelous opportunity for all, to pull off epic gags.  It is a severe crisis for those who refuse to seize the opportunity presented.  But if done with the skill and careful planning, we could see epic gags people will still be talking about at their 50 year class reunion.


But spike, one may object.  When you were in high school, did you have nothing better to do than plan and execute epic gags?  


To this I might reply, Well, I suppose that depends on what your definition of “better” is is.  


My own 40th high school reunion has passed.  There was biggest topic of discussion, the requisite preliminary pleasantries about who has had the most children, who has had the fewest divorces etc.  The discussion soon turned to our devilish capers and epic gags.



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