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> To crush my enemies, to see them driven before me, and to hear the
> lamentations of their women.

At first, I thought this was a biblical quote, but it seems to be from
Conan the Barbarian movie and was probably derived from Genghiz Khan..

> I suspect you would turn to complaining about the methods of crushing, the
slowness of the driving, and the pitch of the lamentations.

> I suspect it because I can relate.

> I've recently become aware of just how bad-for-me is cortisol, so I'm
trying to wean myself from the "fight or fight anyway" default state.  It's
harder than quitting nicotine.  I'd say harder than quitting caffeine,  but
I suspect that caffeine is actually involved here so idk.

I was not aware that the medical profession prescribed long term use
of cortisol.  I have only one experience with it.  A long time ago, in
the mid-1960s at the time I went back to school, I had mononucleosis.
Worst sore throat in my life.  I was prescribed a tapered cortisol
treatment.  Impressive stuff.  I work up the next day ready to punch
holes in steel plate.  Worked it off weeding the front yard.  Didn't
help much with the sore throat as I recall.

But from my short exposure, I can see how it could be addictive.

Best of luck Mike


PS.  You might try nicotinamide riboside as something with similar but
milder effects.  Email me for details.

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