[ExI] England reduces total Covid-19 deaths by 12%

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Thu Aug 13 14:22:11 UTC 2020

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ubject: [ExI] England reduces total Covid-19 deaths by 12%

>...Previously, people in England who died at any point following a positive
test, regardless of cause, were counted in the figures.
But there will now be a cut-off of 28 days, providing a more accurate
picture of the epidemic.

>...The new methodology for counting deaths means the total number of people
in the UK who have died from Covid-19 comes down from 46,706 to 41,329 - a
reduction of 12%.

>...They say the initial higher count was to avoid undercounting the
seriousness of the pandemic.
Translation - we needed a big number to justify shutting down the country
and causing a recession.

>...They now say the new count will give "crucial information about both
recent trends and the overall mortality burden due to Covid-19".
Translation - Look at the state the economy is in! We'd better get everyone
back to work, so tell them that it's not as bad as we thought!


Hi BillK

We have lost some important data on this side of the pond too.  We can take
the overall death rate this year, subtract the average and we get a number.
In the states, we can do that exercise in every state and compare how the
quarantines were handled.  The number we get is a mixture of those who
perished from the virus and those who perished as an indirect result of the
virus such as closing businesses, fear causing business failures and
compelling sick people to stay away from the hospital when it might have
saved them.

I didn't talk to Steve Van Sickle before he passed to see if he was avoiding
the doctor for fear of covid, but I am one who will go nowhere near that
hospital, not to get a C-19 test, not for an annual checkup, not for any
reason.  If I end up there, it is because I was carried there on a stretcher
in the back of a truck with blinkety lights on top.

We have lost important and useful data from the Sturgis bike rally because
we failed to organize a means of tracking the participants upon their

Belgium kept telling us that comparing these numbers is meaningless because
they are counted differently from one country to the next.  Sounds to me
like they were telling the truth.  In the states, hospitals are strained to
the point of going out of business.  

The hospital where I was born (painfully many decades ago) closed its doors
for lack of customers last month.  Hospitals were incentivized to report
fatalities as covids to tap into a federal fund.  Our Lady of Bellefonte in
Kentucky didn't have enough covid cases to stay in business, and the others
wouldn't go there.


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