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> It is my earnest hope that Stalin, Hitler, and Mao have set records for
> killing people that will last forever.

I hope so too but I rather doubt it because there is no bottom to bad. But
who knows, in 1932 many people knew Hitler was evil but I don't think even
the most pessimistic realized just how evil he would prove to be.

 > I may not have this exactly right, but I think that he had medical aid
> cut off to his niece's child because she wrote a book about him.

You're close, as vengeance Donald Trump cut off Medical insurance for a
very sick child because the child's father was trying to get his fair share
of his inheritance from his billionaire grandfather Frank Trump, or if not
his fair share at least a few crumbs. He failed utterly, Donald ended up
with nearly all the money. Soon after the myth of the self made man began.

> He is the poster boy for anti feminisn  "grab 'em by the pussy'.  If
> anyone does not find the above vile, then I say they are like him.  16,000+
> lies

Not counting the lies he told during the last presidential campaign before
he was in office as president Trump passed the 20,000 lie mark on July 13,
exactly one month ago. And his lie rate is increasing. Trump has told as
many public lies in the last 14 months as he had in the previous 27 months.
The number of lies he told in private is unknown but it wouldn't be
unreasonable to assume it's considerable.

John K Clark
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