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I just saw evidence that the cloth masks, called gaiters (like the one I
wear and pull up) are not nearly good enough - may even be worse than
nothing, though I cannot see how that could be.   bill w

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> *> I think the larger, simpler question is "do masks even work?"  *
> The IHME computer model (Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation),
> which Trump frequently cited in the early days of the pandemic before its
> predictions became too dark and too accurate for his taste, says 160,000
> more Americans will die of COVID-19 between now and December 1, but if 95%
> of the people wore face masks when they went out of their houses there
> would be 66,000 fewer deaths than that. Could they be wrong? Sure, but they
> are one hell of a lot more likely to be right than you or I are after
> studying the very complex science of epidemiology for no more than 20
> minutes.
> John K Clark
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