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>…As far as I can tell, you are talking about the one thing I labeled as an assumption. I have no idea who if anyone, the bikers follow, and it has no relationship to my thinking…  BillW



Ja.  Many bikers, including me, wear a mask while riding.  The reason is because the dry wind and sun are hard on lips.  The mask helps.


My notion is that people should always do the right thing.  If they are in physical contact with others, they should wear a mask (it might help.)  But a better strategy would be to do proper social distancing.  People not wearing masks will stand father apart, which is better than a mask for protecting both.  This is really simple, and doesn’t involve government at any level.


So I when, when I am indoors (someone else’s doors.)  When outdoors, I keep sufficient distance between myself and others.  That works.  Distance is better than a mask.




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