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>…As far as I can tell, you are talking about the one thing I labeled as an assumption. I have no idea who if anyone, the bikers follow, and it has no relationship to my thinking…  BillW



>…Ja.  Many bikers, including me, wear a mask while riding.  The reason is because the dry wind and sun are hard on lips.  The mask helps…spike



I could focus that a bit.  Bikers and gun owners are two examples of groups who know their legal rights and they know law.  Both know that governments at all levels do not have the power to arbitrarily demand the citizens do something.  


Governments in the US (states and local) have the authority to do some things conditionally.  If you earn money, you must file a tax return and pay tax on it.  If you are male and service age, you must register for the selective service, but that only applies to 18-25 year olds and only to men (no one has yet demanded a definition of the term “male” (but if a case ever came up, anyone could claim to be not a male (case dismissed (how could the prosecutor prove otherwise?  (Is the term male defined?  How?))))))




States require licenses to drive a car, governments require licenses to sell liquor and plenty of other activities, but all these are conditional requirements.


The state of California has a mask mandate which requires masks n public, but there is no actual fine or penalty if a prole fails to do it:




There is no legal structure at the national level to require and enforce masks.  The exception is to declare martial law, which the federal government has not done.


So… I say wear one if you think it will help.  Keep a greater distance if you think that is a better strategy.  Stay safe, keep others safe, do the right thing.  It isn’t complicated.



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