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>  *Personally, I think properly fitted N95s WOULD make a big difference,
> although they're very uncomfortable in heat or when worn for long periods
> of time, and of course there is no easy way to get them *

They cost just a few cents to make so the fact that N 95 masks are *STILL*
hard to get in mid August even for healthcare workers when this pandemic
started in December of last year is graphic evidence of total jaw-dropping
incompetence in the fight against COVID-19. And yesterday the thing on
Trump's mind was not making more masks or the greatest number of virus
deaths since May 27, instead he was thinking about the virtues of
showerheads that waste lots of water, destroying the post office
(which is mentioned
in the constitution that he swore to defend), and doing everything in his
power to stop as many Americams as he can from voting on November 3.

John K Clark
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