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> >  *Personally, I think properly fitted N95s WOULD make a big difference,
>> although they're very uncomfortable in heat or when worn for long periods
>> of time, and of course there is no easy way to get them *
> They cost just a few cents to make

As a mask maker*: N95 masks cost more than a few cents to make, especially
when you include costs of compliance to get and keep N95 certification.
You may be thinking of "surgical" non-N95 masks.

* Technically our masks aren't N95 yet, but that's because we're just now
entering production (literally: we're expecting production to formally
begin today, after months of setup), and NIOSH won't begin the
certification process until we can send them production samples.  Our test
data indicates they probably will meet the N95 standard if we submit them
for certification, though.

Partly this is because we've been developing a next-generation mask since
March.  Most of the mask is reusable plastic (a basic isopropyl alcohol
wipe daily to disinfect), with disposable filters.  $20 for 1 mask + 10
filters; $10 for 10 filters - comes to $2/day for a new mask, $1/day to

Our masks are easy to fit: run a blow dryer on the edge for a few minutes
to soften (but not long enough that the plastic burns to touch), mold the
edge to your face, let cool, and there you go.

> so the fact that N 95 masks are *STILL* hard to get in mid August


Hey!  Right here!  You want masks, I can hook you up.  Bulk orders

Modulo the caveat above (not yet officially N95), we're trying to sell our
initial production batches ASAP, to finance rapid scale-up.  We're
expecting 1,000 around mid-September and another 10,000 around the end of
September.  If you can't wait, we have pre-production 3D printed versions
too - smaller quantities, but customizable if desired (e.g., we've had
requests for various logos embossed on the mask).

Our intent is to reach at least 100,000 per month.  If we can sell more -
flood the market until the worldwide or at least US demand is finally
sated, for some version of "sated" - we may just do it.  We've got, or know
where we can find, sources for the various materials to get to high volume.

I apologize for the ad, but I believe it is extremely on-topic.
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