[ExI] did sweden accidentally achieve herd immunity?

John Clark johnkclark at gmail.com
Sat Aug 15 00:22:07 UTC 2020

It's unlikely Sweden has achieved herd immunity, The most recent studies
indicate only 20% of people in Stockholm have been exposed to the virus,
that's about the same number as those in New York and London, and most
think you need at least 70% to achieve herd immunity. Sweden has not had
significantly less economic pain than other countries, it's GDP declined by
8.6% and yes that's less than the average for the European Union as a whole
which declined by 11.9% but it wasn't as good as some other European
countries which did impose strict lockdowns and had far fewer deaths, the
Czech Republic's GDP declined by 8.4% and Lithuania by only 5.1%.

And Sweden suffered more non-economic biological pain from the virus than
most, they had 8,200 cases of COVID-19 per million people, Norway had
1,780, Denmark had 2,560, the UK had 4,600, and the US had 15,400. As for
deaths per 100,000 people, Sweden had 57, Norway had 5, Denmark had 11, the
UK had 70, and the US had 50. But of course this pandemic is far from over
so it will be sometime before we know what the final butcher's bill is.

John K Clark
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