[ExI] did sweden accidentally achieve herd immunity?

Henrik Ohrstrom henrik.ohrstrom at gmail.com
Sat Aug 15 18:41:44 UTC 2020

Hello, looking in again after a looong spring.
Lots of leaders, news reporters and so on (and plenty of you too) think
that Sweden didn´t shut down and quarantined.
That is false.
We effectively have had and still have a shut down of society and stay at
home in parity with most countries.
It is enforced by general good sense and not laws.
It is still in effect, there has been no recall of societal distancing what
so ever.
Schools will have all kinds of security measures in place to try to avoid
an autumn wawe of virus.
Society is bracing for autumn when there always are viruses spreading after
holidays and summer. won´t be fun this year
One of many reasons for the high toll are how elderly care is
organised which unfortunately has guaranteed virus among the elderly.
Swedish care of old folks are an capitalistic endeavor that will probably
make even the most rightwing hawk republicans think we are slightly
extreme..... Anyway killing oldies by capitalism is not likely to change
despite this shit.
The hit on society by the virus is not due to too little shutdown. Malls,
shopping centers and hotels are as dead here as everywhere else. flying is
down and planes rusting, railway travel is difficult due to lack of trains
in traffic. Web Cameras are still a scarce resource. working from home is
the new black. I have visited my old folks once since february. nursing
homes are still locked down, no visits.
So we didn't do nothing, right?

However since there will be a new fever among children as a complement to
all the other killers like measles mumps CMV parvo chickenpox and plenty
more of killer viri and that one is corona in one form or another since the
children does not get as sick or more problems from this one than many
other viri.
So, forget getting rid of this shit. It won't go away. Ever.
Herd immunity is years away, the 1918 flu kept killing people for more than
2 years.
And that is what the swedish plan is, to be able to continue with a working
lockdown without bankruptcy for more than 2 years.
Working vaccines might shorten this but no one here is relying on that yet.
And no future is corona free.

And the antivaxxers are thriving already, a pox on on them.


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> It's unlikely Sweden has achieved herd immunity, The most recent studies
> indicate only 20% of people in Stockholm have been exposed to the virus,
> that's about the same number as those in New York and London, and most
> think you need at least 70% to achieve herd immunity. Sweden has not had
> significantly less economic pain than other countries, it's GDP declined by
> 8.6% and yes that's less than the average for the European Union as a whole
> which declined by 11.9% but it wasn't as good as some other European
> countries which did impose strict lockdowns and had far fewer deaths, the
> Czech Republic's GDP declined by 8.4% and Lithuania by only 5.1%.
> And Sweden suffered more non-economic biological pain from the virus than
> most, they had 8,200 cases of COVID-19 per million people, Norway had
> 1,780, Denmark had 2,560, the UK had 4,600, and the US had 15,400. As for
> deaths per 100,000 people, Sweden had 57, Norway had 5, Denmark had 11, the
> UK had 70, and the US had 50. But of course this pandemic is far from over
> so it will be sometime before we know what the final butcher's bill is.
> John K Clark
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