[ExI] England reduces total Covid-19 deaths by 12%

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> there will now be a cut-off of 28 days, providing a more accurate picture of the epidemic.


Or at least a picture of the epidemic that has more public relations value to those running the British government.


I’m a COVID-19 long-hauler and an epidemiologist – here’s how it feels when symptoms last for months <https://theconversation.com/im-a-covid-19-long-hauler-and-an-epidemiologist-heres-how-it-feels-when-symptoms-last-for-months-143676> 


Covid-19 “long haulers” are organizing online to study themselves <https://www.technologyreview.com/2020/08/12/1006602/covid-19-long-haulers-are-organizing-online-to-study-themselves/> 


John K Clark



Here’s the money quote:  “As a social epidemiologist who deals with big data, I was certain it was a false negative.”


Nowhere in that article does the author say she has ever tested positive for covid-19.  Throughout the article is the assumption she does have it (and the tests are no good if they are non-FDA approved (for if they are FDA-approved, they are expensive and proles will not buy them (choosing instead to use the cheaper non-FDA approved kits that don’t work (but they were a great bargain (and offer the option to not believe them (sheesh.)))))  The symptoms she describes do not match those who do have positive covid tests.


There are other diseases besides covid which have a lot of weird unexplainable symptoms.  Patients can convince themselves and even their doctors that they have some particular thing, when they don’t.  


OK then.  She is a data miner.  No problem with that, so am I.  But how did that convince her she had covid-19 when the symptoms don’t match?


Very puzzlin’.





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