[ExI] England reduces total Covid-19 deaths by 12%

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> I’m a COVID-19 long-hauler and an epidemiologist – here’s how it feels
>> when symptoms last for months
>> <https://theconversation.com/im-a-covid-19-long-hauler-and-an-epidemiologist-heres-how-it-feels-when-symptoms-last-for-months-143676>
>> Covid-19 “long haulers” are organizing online to study themselves
>> <https://www.technologyreview.com/2020/08/12/1006602/covid-19-long-haulers-are-organizing-online-to-study-themselves/>
> > Here’s the money quote:  “As a social epidemiologist who deals with big
> data, I was certain it was a false negative.” Nowhere in that article
> does the author say she has ever tested positive for covid-19.

In March when she started to get sick the COVID-19 test was really lousy,
at least the test used in the USA, and it had a very large false negative. She
says "*What made matters worse in the beginning was that my doctors were
not certain I had COVID-19*"; *in the beginning* was four months ago, the
clear implication is that the degree of her doctor's certainty had changed
in that time, the USA test had certainly gotten a lot better, the rest of
the world alway had a pretty good test. And Ii's not like this is a
controversial phenomenon, even the politically compromised CDC admits that:

"*S**ymptomatic adults who had a positive outpatient test result for
SARS-CoV-2 infection, 35% had not returned to their usual state of health
when interviewed 2–3 weeks after testing. Among persons aged 18–34 years
with no chronic medical conditions, one in five had not returned to their
usual state of health. COVID-19 can result in prolonged illness, even among
young adults without underlying chronic medical conditions.*"

Symptom Duration and Risk Factors for Delayed Return to Usual Health Among
Outpatients with COVID-19

John K Clark
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