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That Abba video is evidence for SR and the other younger ones among us of how things really were in the olden days.  Sure, we dressed very weird, and it was rather unpleasant to live under the constant threat of total nuclear annihilation and utter fiery destruction of everything we cared about and worked for our entire lives.  


But other than that…the 70s were a lotta fun.


Today we have been stumped by a question of how one could know if one is actually an avatar, a simulation, “living” in some kind of simulated world in some meta-computer.  We seem so tripped by that question, but Abba offers a really good clue.  If anyone can watch that video and fail to laugh out loud, or perhaps tap a toe, get some hip action going, bust a disco move or two… then, well, that’s pretty good evidence you are an AI.  And you heart subroutine is buggy.


The 70s were fun.  I was there.  I do remember it, fondly.














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This one was definitely worth the 6 minutes to watch.  Nothing profound, just a lotta fun:






They are all in there, in cameos.  Watch closely.



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