[ExI] a little fun for a saturday morning

Anton Sherwood bronto at pobox.com
Sat Aug 15 19:03:16 UTC 2020

On 2020-8-15 09:06, spike jones via extropy-chat wrote:
> Sure, we dressed very weird, and it was rather unpleasant to live under 
> the constant threat of total nuclear annihilation and utter fiery 
> destruction of everything we cared about and worked for our entire lives.
> But other than that…the 70s were a lotta fun.

I'm about your age, but was not turned on to ABBA until 1982/3 -- which 
is also roughly when my fear of nuclear extinction peaked; hmmm.

I remember seeing an ABBA video in 199x and remarking, "It's like 
watching Doctor Who!"

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