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*> I imagine that the fear was more abstract. I mean you didn’t literally
> wake up every morning wondering if the missiles were on the way, did you?*

I can't speak for anybody else but I personally didn't worry about being
burnt to a crisp by a H Bomb every morning, not in the 70s, but I did for 6
days in October 1962. The crisis lasted for 13 days but it was only public
knowledge for 6. If I knew as much about the details of what was going on
then as I do now I would have been even more scared, but even President
Kennedy didn't know them. Those grim details didn't become fully known
until long after the fall of the USSR. We were extraordinarily lucky, if
Hugh Everett's Interpretation of quantum mechanics is right there are a lot
of worlds out there that weren't so lucky.

John K Clark
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