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Thanks John. Yours is the standard Everettian answer. Others dislike
Everett’s fully deterministic QM because it leaves no room for free will.
Some kind of post-decoherence selection could allow for free will in a
quasi-Everettian framework.

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> *> I'm researching Everett's quantum mechanics again. Is there any
>> interpretation or variant of Everett that you are aware of where more than
>> one but not all Everett worlds are real?*
> The great advantage of Everett's Quantum interpretation is the simplicity
> of its assumptions, it says everything including conscious observers obey
> the exact same laws of physics and evolve according to the purely
> deterministic Schrodinger wave equation, all other quantum interpretations
> stick in a whole bunch of additional ifs, buts and howevers at that point.
> If some of the worlds allowed by Schrodinger are real and others are not then
> additional rules and assumptions would be needed and that simplicity would
> be destroyed. And there is no reason needed to stick in those additional
> assumptions to explain experimental results. Somebody said Everett is
> cheap with assumptions but expensive in universes, maybe so but I think
> an idea that starts with simplicity but produces great complexity is a sign
> of a good theory, Darwin's theory would be an example. You should always
> get more out of a theory than you put in or it has no point.
> John K Clark
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