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*> I'm researching Everett's quantum mechanics again. Is there any
> interpretation or variant of Everett that you are aware of where more than
> one but not all Everett worlds are real?*

The great advantage of Everett's Quantum interpretation is the simplicity
of its assumptions, it says everything including conscious observers obey
the exact same laws of physics and evolve according to the purely
deterministic Schrodinger wave equation, all other quantum interpretations
stick in a whole bunch of additional ifs, buts and howevers at that point.
If some of the worlds allowed by Schrodinger are real and others are not then
additional rules and assumptions would be needed and that simplicity would
be destroyed. And there is no reason needed to stick in those additional
assumptions to explain experimental results. Somebody said Everett is cheap
with assumptions but expensive in universes, maybe so but I think an idea
that starts with simplicity but produces great complexity is a sign of a
good theory, Darwin's theory would be an example. You should always get
more out of a theory than you put in or it has no point.

John K Clark
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