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Santa Clara County has a population of a little over 2 million, with about
half of that in San Jose CA.


Here’s our covid fatality graph:



Ja we know, it mixes the WITHs and OFs (there is nothing we can do about
that) and it excludes the KINDA RELATED TOs.


The kinda related tos are covid-ish fatalities where the prole didn’t
actually have covid but was afraid to go to the doctor, perished of a heart
attack or stroke which coulda been prevented, patients whose medications
need constant tweaking to keep them from going crazy and killing someone
else, but didn’t go to their psychiatrist, the ones who were bored and
lonely and committed suicide just to have something to do, the ones hanging
out in the parking lot of the local cat house to watch, got caught, died of
embarrassment, and all that kinda stuff, none of that is in this chart, but
all your WITHS and OFs are here.


OK we see 209 fatalities, almost half of which were in nursing homes, and if
you break it down further, over ¾ of these fatalities were in the San Jose
city limits.


Do think this over please, comment if you have something insightful to
offer.  I have a notion I will present soon, where this chart is the
prerequisite course.



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