[ExI] Black Hole Hawking radiation

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> The only conditions that I know of where a quantum pair doesn't spike
> converge is when one falls into the event horizon and the other heads on out
> of town.  Dr. Hawking used that mechanism to explain why black holes
> evaporate.  Damned if I understand how that wouldn't violate Dr.
> Heisenberg's notion, but hey, the Brits and the Germans have been fighting
> for a long time.
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Hawking did indeed write that in the 1988 book, A Brief History Of
Time, but that isn't what he wrote in his science papers. He was
trying to simplify / interpret, in a book intended for the general

A detailed explanation is here -

In reality, what’s happening is that the curved space around the black
hole is constantly emitting radiation due to the curvature gradient
around it, and that the energy is coming from the black hole itself,
causing its event horizon to slowly shrink over time.

(But the split quantum pairs description is still easier to understand)!


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