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>>> >> There is no room for free will with any interpretation of quantum mechanics, or in classical mechanics, or in anything, because the idea of free will just makes no sense. Something either happens because of cause and effect or it doesn't happen because of cause-and-effect (aka it's random)
>> > I question this point (aka it’s random). What if the cause is hidden to players in our universe
> If something caused you to do X rather than Y then you're a deterministic machine regardless of whether you know what the cause was or not.

Not if I am part of that something. Perhaps we exist in both this
reality and a "beyond" behind a Turing Oracle interface (see e.g.
Physical (A)Causality by Karl Svozil) and our free will originates in
the beyond. Perhaps... (other ideas that have been proposed...)

So like it or not there are only two possibilities, you're either a
roulette wheel or a cuckoo clock. The idea of free will is not wrong,
the idea of free will is worse than wrong, it's gibberish.
> Incidentally, we know from experiment that Bell's Inequality is violated, therefore we know for a fact that if an atom of Uranium decays now and not an hour or a century from now because of hidden variables those hidden variables can't be local. But if the universe is not local it's very hard for me to understand why we've been so successful at explaining so many things about it, it seems to me we would have to understand everything before we understood anything.
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