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*> The idea of needing an observer to collapse a wave has always bothered
> me, but I also don't like the idea that the many world's hypothesis seems
> very hard to test.  *

The Many Worlds theory makes lots of predictions that have been confirmed
by experiment, every quantum experiment ever performed is in this category,
although I grant you it makes other predictions that haven't been
experimentally confirmed.  Many Worlds Is bare-bones quantum mechanics
stripped of all extraneous bells and whistles. The heart of the idea Is
simply that the Schrodinger Wave Equation means what it says, nobody just
decided to stick in a whole bunch of extra universes, they were just a
natural consequence of the mathematics; other quantum interpretations had
to conjure up additional assumptions and mathematical gunk to get rid of
those extra universes. Occam's razor says all that gunk is not needed.

*> Are there any good recent books presenting the latest quantum theory
> that are non-mathematician friendly, yet still scratch the surface?*

I would very highly recommend Sean Carroll's new book "Something Deeply
Hidden", the man writes very clearly.

Something Deeply Hidden

 John K Clark
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