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>.Today, merely an earthquake.  Pets chilled out, owners laughed and
cheered, religion forgotten, new sins committed.  spike





Here's a fun one for yas.  That one was centered at the north end of
Calaveras Reservoir, which exists because that fault is opening up a huge
hole from what they tell us is a strike-slip fault.


Our side of the fault (west side) is moving northwest at the speed a
fingnail grows, but it isn't steady: it moves a few centimeters at a time,
makes some noise, then settles down for a year or two, then on we go, north
to Alaska, meet ya there in 15 million years.


The Calaveras reservoir is our backup water source.  It is above the valley
by a few hundred meters.  Back in the olden days, when it came to building
roads, they took the easy path: paved alongside the existing river coming
down from Calaveras Lake to the Bay.  Eighteen something, let's build a dam
to trap water back there, OK now we need a road, so they paved the path
along the river, built the dam.  Water backs up, now we have a backup water
supply, hurray.


However. there is one small catch of course, very small, nothing to worry
about, move along citizens, nothing to see here. except that if one of those
earthquakes along the Calaveras wrecks that dam, then that water does what
water does so very well, flow downhill toward the sea.  Right. thru. the
middle of town.


That would be. bad.





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