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 > *Everett's theory simply replaces spooky action at a distance with
> spooky accounting at a distance*

So what did you expect, a theory that restores your common sense notions of
how the world should work? It just ain't gonna happen. Any theory that
accurately describes reality at the fundamental level is going to be
weird, very weird. If Many Worlds isn't true then something even spookier
must be.

> *Agreed. The particles are not in communication with each other but they
> do seem to be in communication with Schrodinger's equation *

That's not just true of Everett's interpretation, that's true of EVERY
interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, if they weren't consistent with
Schrodinger's equation then they wouldn't match experimental results and
would have to be rejected. And by the way, particles also seem to be in
"communication" with Newtons formula F=MA.

> *Another related question would  be where does the wave function reside*

Infinite-dimensional Hilbert Space.

* How does math cause anything except within minds and computers?*

Mathematics may be the language that best describes physics but mathematics
is not physics. And the English word "cow" describes a bovine that is
female, but "cow" is not a cow,  the word "cow" can not give you milk.
And This is not a pipe  <https://publicdelivery.org/magritte-not-a-pipe/>

> > *What is breathing fire into the Schrodinger equation*

Nothing is breathing fire into Schrodinger's equation, and nothing is
breathing fire into the English word "cow" either, that's why "cow" can't
even say Moo.

John K Clark
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