[ExI] COVID-19 has now reached 3 Vietnam's worth of death

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Subject: [ExI] COVID-19 has now reached 3 Vietnam's worth of death


58,220 Americans died in the entire Vietnam War of all causes not just from combat, and as of right now August 19 at 09:35 GMT 175,087 Ameracans have died of COVID-19, just over 3 times as many. And this all happened since February.


John K Clark




John is interested in the C/V ratio, which just passed 3 for the USA: 175087/58220  = 3.


We can calculate the covid/Vietnam fatality ratio for other countries as well.


South Korea did horribly, with their 5099/306 = 50 ratio.


Using numbers from Wiki on the Vietnam fatalities and Worldometer for covid and about 1 significant digit is more than sufficient, we find:


8297/426, looks like about approaching 20 for Australia.


Thailand: 351/58 is about 9.


New Zealand:  37/22 not even 2.


Philippines:  2795/9 nearly 300, oh mercy.


Taiwan:   7 /25 less than a third.


China:    4634/1446  getting close to 3, so they are about even with the USA.  We were told they had conquered this virus.  They are doing well with their C/V but aren’t doing as well as the USA.


Soviet Union,  16 /15989  for a C/V of about 1000.


The British have the worst C/V on the planet.  Wiki says they lost one guy in Vietnam.  That one guy was the most unlucky lad in England.  One guy in Vietnam.


In any case, the British C/V is 41381/1 is about 40000 if expressed in single significant digit, which may be more significant digits than this ratio justifies.


But now I see why John, who is American, is always reporting the ratio of covid deaths over Vietnam war deaths: it makes the USA look great.  It is a form of flag waving.  John does love his government after all.  Who knew?  New Zealand is ahead of the world in that ratio, with USA for the silver and China takes the bronze.  


Down at the bottom is Philippines, Soviet Union, and UK, in the Covid/Vietnam fatality olympics.







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