[ExI] COVID-19 has now reached 3 Vietnam's worth of death

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>>…Down at the bottom is Philippines, Soviet Union, and UK, in the Covid/Vietnam fatality olympics… spike 



>… That C/V ratio is the weirdest contest I ever heard of…



In all modesty I must admit that it was John who proposed and has been promoting the C/V event.  However I dispute your notion.  I myself have proposed and promoted weirder contests than that one.  My modesty contest is as weird as C/V, as I demonstrate my own championship-class modesty with how I started out this modest commentary.


But I am in no position to judge, being one of the formidable contestants in proposing weird contests.  I am in it to win it.  Go for the gold.


We need a panel of judges to adjudicate a weirdest contest contest.  I would enter the weirdest contest contest notion as a competitor in the weirdest contest contest.  


I know it can beat John’s relatively sane Covid/Vietnam contest.  If the weirdest contest contest chose itself as the winner of itself, that would be so weird it would beat itself.







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