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Thu Aug 20 12:45:10 UTC 2020

Samantha Adkins is the virtual woman: she occasionally pops into existence,
briefly interacts with our world POOF gone again.


I was hoping she would stay and take a bow for some predictions she made in
about 2002, when all those Patriot Act laws were being enacted after the
9/11 attacks.  She was the loudest and clearest voice warning this FISA
business is dangerous as hell: it starts out legitimately, then once the
threat has passed, it stays, and is eventually used as a political weapon.


That commentary from about 2002 was so prescient of what happened in 2016,
she appears to be a prophetess.  The FBI falsified evidence to get a FISA
warrant and used it against their political adversaries.


Well done Samantha.  Do come and take a virtual bow.  Stay by a while,
rather than combining with some cosmic anti-Samantha and disappearing.  You
were right on with those predictions from 18 years ago, saw it as clearly as
if you were reading todays news, I was right off, blind as a covid-infected
bat.  I didn't think our own FBI would turn on us.  It did.  Power corrupts,
we handed them open-ended power, it corrupted.



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