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>…Are you seriously more concerned about sharpiegate than FISA abuses?! Dylan


Hi Dylan, thanks for that.


We just had the FBI confess to the biggest political scandal, not since Watergate, this is waaaay way bigger than Watergate, way bigger than Teapot Dome.  This is the biggest political scandal of American history.


Our own stealth prophetess Samantha Atkins saw it all coming, at least 14 years in advance.  Much (perhaps most) of that is in the archives.  We formed an offlist subgroup, but before that, plenty of it went into the archives.  Samantha was the clearest and most accurate voice, ringing like a bronze bell in the still night.  But she had the curse of Cassandra (the goddess, not the rock group.)  We were  Apollo followers (the god, not the rocket.)


Samantha’s warnings were eloquently stated, specific, and as it turns out perfectly accurate, seeing 15 years into the future.  We didn’t believe.


Well, my apologies Samantha.  We believe now.


We will not pray to you, not even the Greeks among us, but next time we have a local schmooze I will buy lunch.  We will all have a whole new attitude, and listen to your next commentary with renewed respect.





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