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> John, You must stop your politicising behavior on the Exi list now. you have shown that you are able to make a valuable contribution to the Exi list, but you have to avoid bringing the current divisive USA political arguments into the Exi list.


>…OK, it's you're a list not mine and I believe in private property. But I'm not the one who introduced the FISA topic so just out of curiosity does this warning also hold for the previous list moderator?


John K Clark



This is an interesting question.  It looks to me like every country in the world which has the capability of doing secret surveillance on its citizens must have a legal system governing it.  No partisanship or politics in that comment.  


In the USA, secret surveillance of communication is illegal, no partisanship or politics there.


In the USA, laws were passed to go around a constitutional prohibition of secret surveillance under special circumstances in response to a foreign attack on  9/11/01 no politics.


One would think (nearly) every government must have some means of controlling the power of secret surveillance, no politics there.


Our FBI was caught violating its own rules, party is irrelevant, what they were actually doing is extremely relevant, no politics needed or desired with that  comment.


It doesn’t matter to me which party was doing what, this was the FBI, which doesn’t have a party, it is law enforcement.   It was caught in a corrupt act.


John, do you see the difference?  I don’t need to name parties, because this is irrelevant to law.  Good chance all of the players were one of the two major parties, but that doesn’t matter.  This isn’t right vs left, it’s right vs wrong.


Samantha warned us.  Her vision was crystal clear.  Secret surveillance is inherently dangerous in the hands of any government.  Sooner or later that power will be corrupted and abused.  It was.  Not right vs left.  Right vs. wrong.



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