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> John, do you see the difference?


Why are you asking me this? Are you trying to provoke me to get me banned? You know perfectly well that you are allowed to talk about things that I am not, so any debate with you would be very very short. I'm not going for the bait.


John K Clark




A repeated challenge to you John is simple: can you discuss something like power abuse, Patriot Act, FISA and such without resorting to politics?  Why does party matter for something like that?  I don’t see why it would and certainly don’t see why it must.  Party doesn’t matter when it comes to falsifying evidence.  Power corrupted the FBI.


Same with covid response: political party is irrelevant and interferes with how effectively government and science interact to solve the crisis.


ExIMod will welcome your contribution.  Just don’t politicize it.  Politics is irrelevant, both in covid and in FBI actions.




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