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> spike, if it's not too much trouble, will you dig out that Samantha post so I can follow what is going on? 


And then there would be yet more stuff that I couldn't respond to.


John K Clark



On the contrary.  Since we have long since forgotten what party the main players in the Patriot Act played what parts, this is a perfect example of a question which can be discussed without reference to party.  We don’t know or care which party did what.


There were foreign actors in the states, they hijacked planes and killed thousands, in an act which clearly was highly coordinated.  The US government passed laws to allow it (under some circumstances) to do secret surveillance of suspicious characters.  It was the whole sleeper-cell thing we were so worried about in 2001, both mainstream parties and the minors as well.


Samantha pointed out the obvious: once the government has special-circumstances power to go around its own constitutional limits, it will arrange special circumstances to go around its own constitutional limits.  It leveraged a crisis into an opportunity.  The opportunity was to grab power.  Power will eventually be abused.  Ours did.  We caught the bastards.


Party is irrelevant there: this was law enforcement, falsifying evidence.  It is a very serious thing when top-level government law enforcement falsifies evidence.


But we caught em.


OK, now what?


The Patriot Act is still there.




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