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Fri Aug 21 23:13:46 UTC 2020


Heeeeere they come.  It has been long enough that covid numbers from that
Sturgis rally last week are starting to roll in, like a rumbling line of


Watch for numbers to increase in the next few days.  If we don't see huge
increases from that 460k bikers at Stugis, then everything we have done and
everything we thought we knew about transmission of covid. is wrong:




If the numbers go up but not by too much, then we have some thinking to do.


If they go waaaay the hell up, then everything the health departments did
was justified, including the continued lockdown.


So. make a prediction, even if it is grim.  I am guessing as many as 10% of
the Sturgis crowd will pick up the virus at the event.  That alone will make
46 thooooousand new cases.


If so, how many will die because of the Sturgis rally this year?  500?


We will know in about 3 or 4 days on the cases, about a month we will know
how many got killed at Sturgis this year.



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