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On 2020-8-21 16:40, Keith Henson via extropy-chat wrote:

>> ...and that's before I consider his hard to read formating.

>...If only there were a simple unambiguous way to mark quoted matter to
distinguish it from new matter.  If it were to catch on, maybe mail clients
would build it in!... Anton

*\\*  Anton Sherwood  *\\*  www.bendwavy.org

Hi Anton and Keith,

Is the above ambiguous?  My comments have no greater thans, the quoted
material has one greater than, and the stuff quoted by the previous poster
has two greater thans, and so on.  Elided comments have the three dots.
Using that system I can insert new commentary among quoted and twice-quoted

I have been using that for 20 yrs and seems unambiguous to me.  Keith did
this message come out looking weird?

I do spell weird, ja tis true, tragic 'tis, ja.  I spell the way I speak.  I
speak the way I think.  I think the way I spell.  If that biker rally
doesn't cause a huge covid surge, I will be thinking

Note, my own bike club is rallying in Sturgis next week.  I deemed it too
risky to go this year.  Our gang's leader is 80.  He is going.


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