[ExI] Sturgis murders? was: Exi JKC Political Posting Final Warning

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Subject: [ExI] Sturgis murders? was: Exi JKC Political Posting Final Warning

On 2020-8-21 17:32, spike jones via extropy-chat wrote:
>> I expect those numbers will hafta go high.  If they don't, the whole 
> lockdown business was wrong and caused far more harm than good.

>...By "hafta", are you suggesting that the shadowy They need to go around
infecting bikers to keep the numbers up?  (Or, for an Agatha Christie touch,
to obscure a targeted attack on one biker?)

Sloppy language on my part, retract.

What I meant was we have long understood that the virus needs a big crowd of
tightly packed proles not wearing masks in order to spread.  The Sturgis
rally is the poster-child example of that.

We missed a great opportunity to trace that, but now I find out not really.
When people get covid treatments, their hospitals and doctors do ask
questions and they are reporting back if the patient was at Sturgis.  It was
unjustified of me to think that data would be lost: if I thought of it, a
million others did too, people who are even more focused on this problem
than I am.

This Sturgis rally is a rare example which cannot be politicized, for the
politicians did not offer any permissions to hold the rally, nor were the
asked for any, nor could they have stopped all those bikers had they wanted
to.  The Native Americans wanted to stop the bikers from coming thru because
bikes have a short fuel range, so they need to stop often for gas and ass,
meaning they will stop on the reservation.  They didn't want them to come
thru.  But bikers will find a way.  They did.

OK no politician needs to accept responsibility for that rally.  The bikers
came on their own free will.  They eschewed masks (my friend saw few wearing
them (when they weren't riding.))

OK, big crowds, little if any personal protective gear (other than their
flimsy excuse for a helmet some wear in the states which require them (but a
lot of them don't in those helmet states (Sturgis is the annual recreational
anarchist/civil disobedience festival (the constables on the route
understand (and let them rumble on thru.)))))

That whole setting just hasta be a virus playground.  If it isn't, I need to
rethink everything I thought I knew.

I would guess 10% of the bikers would get infected at that rally.  If it
goes over 20%, I will not be astonished.  If it goes under about 5%, I don't
understand. Do you?  Guesses?  Post your estimate soon, the numbers are
starting to rumble in.


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