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>>>...That whole setting just hasta be a virus playground.  ...spike

>>...California has a looootta lotta proles ...  spike


>...  My  median estimate is 50 Sturgis fatalities from my own county,
mercy.  Worst
case twice that, best case half that...spike

We had the initial surge in March and April, settled down, then this summer
it has been about 25 covid dirt naps per month.

That estimate I made would mean the best case would cause the county
fatality rate from covid to double.  Best case would double it, median
estimate would triple it, and my estimated worst case would send it five
fold, daaaammmm.  Worst case, five fold in September perhaps.  Double in the
best case, all from a motorcycle rally.

I hadn't even done that grim calculus when I decided to eschew my own biker
gang's rally in Sturgis next week.  We were egging on each other in our
online forum.  I said no way Jose.  Discretion is the better part of valor,
and I don't know what indiscretion is the better part of, but you lads will
know by the time you get back.  (Our gang's median age is about 70
(gathering for that outfit is madness.))  They were saying, nah, you only
live once, yakkity yak and bla bla.  Sigh.  

So, on they go without me this time.  

This is after the main event at Sturgis last week, so the crowds are way
down, which is to their benefit but I know a lot of my own biker buddies are
older, some smoke, many are flab-meisters who wouldn't walk across the
street if riding their bike over there is an option.  With about 40
attending, I wouldn't be surprised at 4 catchers, and with those conditions,
we will be lucky if we don't suffer a fatality.

If all of these guys make it to November, it will be a thankful Thanksgiving
for me.


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