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> Keith talks about evolutionary psychology, which is really in some ways
> the human equivalent of the unemployed working dog.  Perhaps we, like our
> pets, are vaguely compelled to do odd behaviors, to follow the puzzling
> instructions of our own feelings, somehow genetically encoded by evolution.

>From capture-bonding, the easy to understand, nearly universal evolved
human psychological trait.

>Being captured by neighboring tribes was a relatively common event for women in human history, if anything like the recent history of the few remaining primitive tribes. In some of those tribes (Yanomamo, for instance) practically everyone in the tribe is descended from a captive within the last three generations. Perhaps as high as one in ten of females were abducted and incorporated into the tribe that captured them. Once you understand the evolutionary origin of this trait and its critical nature in genetic survival and reproduction in t>e ancestral human environment, related mysterious human psychological traits fall into place. Battered-wife syndrome is an example of activating the capture-bonding psychological mechanism, as are military basic training, fraternity bonding by hazing, and sex practices such as sadism/masochism or bondage/discipline."

Worse, than Spike's confused dogs.


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