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>> Keith talks about evolutionary psychology...the puzzling instructions of
our own feelings, somehow genetically encoded by evolution.

>...From capture-bonding, the easy to understand, nearly universal evolved
human psychological trait.

>...Being captured by neighboring tribes ...fraternity bonding by hazing,
and sex practices such as sadism/masochism or bondage/discipline."

>...Worse, than Spike's confused dogs.



People who don't have those instincts find it so puzzling why some women
stay with abusive partners (I know he's bad to me, she wailed, but I looove

When I looked into EP it sure makes a lotta sense, and explains why efforts
to educate the victims out of those situations so often fail.  Unless the
training somehow understands the genetic basis of the behavior, it is
destined to fail in a way analogous to local owners of malamute.  That pooch
is so forlorn and confused, doesn't understand what he is good for, until
you put a harness on him.  Then... he will yank your damn arm out of its
socket, and keep pulling, even after his human has fallen and has been
dragged for some distance, shouting "Rover, stop you stupid bastaaarrrrd!"
Side note: trying to get a malamute to stop pulling at the leash is
pointless.  Far better to just get a good heavy bicycle and let him pull.
You have never seen a happier dog than a malamute being allowed to do what
his silly pea-brain tells him his ancestors have been doing for hundreds of
generations and what he is for.

OK, well... getting a malamute to stop pulling is difficult.  He loves to
pull.  He feels that is what he is for.  Training away self-destructive
feelings is also hard in modern humans who have the instinct to stay with
abusive mates.  They get too beat up.  So... we kinda deal with it by having
simulated recreational cruelty I suppose.  Modern porno shops have all those
mysterious things under the counter that one would hesitate to even have
explained, not so much out of embarrassment (I am immune to that emotion)
but that it is one of those things that people without that instinct would
really rather not know.


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