[ExI] California wildfires some of largest in state history

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>...Do controlled burns in the winter.

SR Ballard

It's been proposed, and is done (in a sense (depending on how you one
interprets the clearing and burning the slash piles.))

Unknown which discourages the fire department from doing more of that: it is
unclear who is liable if the fire gets outta control, which is always a
risk.  Suppose the fire marshal is burning slash piles and accidentally sets
someone's cabin on fire.  Who pays?  Do we?

On the other hand, the electric company didn't start this one (as it did a
coupla years ago (when my friend's house in Paradise California was sent
into the stratosphere by PG&E (and fortunately didn't send him and his bride
up with it.)))


PG&E was found guilty, but it is chapter 11.  Our friends are lucky if they
see a nickel on the dollar of what that place was worth.

If the county government did that, they couldn't pay.  If the state
government did that, they couldn't pay.  If the federals did that, they
couldn't pay.

These latest fires were started by a freak lightning storm, so we can sue
god, but from the size of this fire and the structures already lost, that
guy couldn't pay either, even with the cows on a kilohill:


God has a lotta money, but the cost of this fire would put even god into
chapter 11.


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