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Oh no Spike, I’m not too nice to be a mod for it, I’m too abrasive. The slightest bit of power makes me a nervous wreck while simultaneously going straight to my head. 


Paradox or not?

SR Ballard




SR you come across as a nice person.  But no worries, we don’t want to pressure anyone into moderating an ExiPolitics group.


Hey, that’s idea: if no one wants to do that, we can set up a reverse lottery, where the person chosen is the loser rather than the winner.  Then we FORCE the poor blighter into moderating!


I propose we wait until Keith accepts or specifically tells us no.


I would volunteer if everyone understands I might be out for several days at a time and I have no intentions of encouraging people to be nice.  That subgroup would be unregistered, we wouldn’t use the ExI name, we would just be some fellers (plus SR and any other ladies who wish to be in such a raucous bar) who met each other in a polite bar and wanted a lowbrow place where we can shout and fight, that sorta thing.


If we formed that, ExI might be a kinder gentler place, making ExiMod’s job easier.


Keith, what say ye, me lad?



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