[ExI] Exi JKC Political Posting Final Warning

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>…I propose we wait until Keith accepts or specifically tells us no.


>…Keith, what say ye, me lad?  spike 



Then the obvious suddenly occurred to me: we don’t need a moderator for this purpose.  If we aren’t required to be nice to each other, then what difference would it make if the moderator is temporarily on other matters?  He has nothing to do there, ja?


Well, OK then.


I propose we start an email circle (or if someone knows how to set up a single address group then that is cool (we just need to keep the ExI name off it (treating that as Max’s property.)))


Since this is a temporary (most likely (won’t be all that relevant after November 4 (assuming we don’t have a disputed election (which is looking scary-likely)))) so we could just collect email @s.


I will do it if you wish.  Won’t scold anyone for being rude or harsh there.  We could compete with the roughest biker bars, but with more interesting discussions than the merits of the ElectraGlide vs the Road King.


Keith, John, SR, BillW, I know we have others who will come in and laugh at us.  Derision would be allowed.



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