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> On Behalf Of Will Steinberg via extropy-chat


>…I'm down for an unmoderated political cluster fuck.  Count me in… Will






OK if I toss in any name I have ever seen post on any topic relating to American politics, so far I have these:





John (?)

Keith (?)

Adrian (?)

Anton (?)

Mike Dougherty (?)

Stuart (?)

Dave Sill (?)

Dan the Book Man (?)

Stathis (?)

Dylan (?)

Brent (?)

Rafal (?)




Haven’t heard from Rafal in a while and I know he is busy.  Others are certainly welcome but I want to be very clear: this subgroup should be politics only, profanity perfectly OK, insults expected.  If it gets too polite, the bouncer will ask that you take it outside.  We don’t allow soft reasonable discussion in a rowdy politics bar.  Gentlemanly behavior will get your ass booted out.  Go next door to ExI for nice, etc.


I want to archive this stuff but not put any of it on the ExI site.  Ja?


Sound like a plan?


Anyone else?







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