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I'm in, although I would prefer no archiving.  


I actually run a list that has no moderation or rules other than what is discussed on list, stays on list so the idea proposed here appeals to me.  


If you're looking for a cheap provider, simplelists is very good.  It's what I use right now for mine.   I'd chip in if any contributions are needed. 






Hi Dylan,


OK sure but I would suggest since it is just a private affair between friends shouting insults at each other, we hold it to just a simple collection of email @s.  No cost, no bother.


I am also on a private email circle which has always been all politics.  We stop just short of death threats but no one takes it personally, just politics.  They are all considered friendly almost death threats.


Does anyone already have a system set up which would be better?


I agree with no-archiving.  Remember fondly.  


An offlist discussion mentioned an offlist group we had in about 2001 which included stuff of which I have zero recollection, a subgroup flame war between two participants.  Perhaps it really is better to not archive and let it fade in the mirror, specifically on politics.


That encryption group however, the one Hal set up, oh what I wouldn’t give for that archive.  I think we witnessed Hal come up with the basic idea for BitCoin, and I think Satoshi Nakamoto was on there, who wasn’t an ExI guy but a friend of Hal’s.


So… the proposal: a temporary exi-politics group, no archiving, no moderation, no polite discussion, personal insults fine but stop short of death threats.  Other thoughts?









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