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Brute force, I tells ye!


>…Which does nothing…


Ja I was hoping the politics exi-ghetto moderator would be a nothing job.



Adrian, you used to join those sub-groups didn’t ya?  Seems I recall we had a Single Stage To Orbit group back when Greg Burch was with us, you mighta joined us?


>…I saw first hand that they were ineffective.  I'll pass on joining this one…



OK.  Anyone else?  I am volunteering to collect the @s and maintain the list, but nothing else, not even enforce the strict requirement to be mean and angry.  Violators will not be prosecuted.


Now that this looks like it might come together, I propose we do allow politeness in this small forum, should one feel they just can’t help themselves from spewing an occasional blast of kind and generous words directed at some hapful individual.  Shall we allow human kindness on a political forum?  Has it ever been done with success?  Perhaps we should experiment with allowing gentle behavior, then if it doesn’t work out, disallow it.


Proposed list remaining:






John (?)

Keith (?)

Anton (?)

Mike Dougherty (?)

Stuart (?)

Dave Sill (?)

Dan the Book Man (?)

Stathis (?)

Dylan (?)

Brent (?)

Rafal (?)


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