[ExI] California wildfires some of largest in state history

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Sat Aug 22 22:21:35 UTC 2020

Got a friend/colleague in Bonny Doon lost his place Wednesday.  Keith 
knows him too.  Our friend might even have helped hook up your friend @ 
Cotillon Gardens just a couple miles away on the other side of Hwy 9, 
because he's a big-time radio ham.

Other friends/colleagues were forced to leave with little in hand, fate 
of home unknown, while more have had to evacuate, fate of dwelling also 

For quite some time now, life in the Golden State has been looking like 
the dystopia depicted in /Nature's End/ by Whitley Streiber and James 
Kunetka (1986).


On Sat, 22 Aug 2020 06:55:54 -0700, espike at rainier66.com> wrote:
> My immediate concern is for a camping place that is on Highway 9 in 
> Santa
> Cruz county.  My friend is an IT guy, walked away from a career at 
> Stanford,
> bought that park and put all kindsa cool high techy stuff in there, 
> such as
> 5G.  If you have the equipment to take advantage of it, the internet at 
> his
> park is terrific.  Cotillion Gardens, check it out, great internet,
> beautiful surroundings.  We hope.
> The firefighters were making a most heroic stand yesterday, brought in 
> a
> thousand fellers, dozers, planes, choppers, everything they have with a
> mission: Hold the line at Highway 9.

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