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Sun Aug 23 00:32:32 UTC 2020


When a good idea comes along, I drive it to completion.  Whoever thought of creating a subgroup for politics was right on.


Oh wait, that was me.


The political subgroup exists.  If you would like to join that, please drop me a note.  We have agreed to engage in friendly banter until about tomorrow evening in flagrant violation of the spirit of that group, just so the late comers don’t miss out.  We are not archiving, by gentle-lifeform’s agreement, so when it’s gone, it’s gone, like that thing the young hipsters are using these days, what’s it called?  Crack Chat?  Something along those lines.


ExiMod, do feel free to tell ExI-chatters to take it to ExiPolitics should they feel the savage urge to unleash their innermost passions on the topic, to slake their unquenchable desire to tell the world how America should be run.


Internationals welcome, no bitching allowed.  Clarification: bitching required, what I meant was no bitching about how the list is dominated by American politics.  Of course it is, that’s what it’s for.


Political incorrectness is allowed there too.  We are among friends.  Express yourself as you will.


Post me, come on join us, political types!  We need you!



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