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>…The political subgroup exists…Post me, come on join us, political types!  We need you!  spike


Clarification to previous comment: not really.  We don’t need anyone.  Grumpy bears we are.  Solitary, sullen.  The older ones among us are crotchety, the younger ones colicky.  Disturbing it is, for so far there are only younger ones, plus BillW and me.  We feel so outnumbered.


If you join us, you are not required to post, or even to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, take arms against a sea of troubles, none of that cool-sounding British crap.  Brits welcome of course, but this is an American problem.  The less politically-inclined may watch from the bleachers and laugh in derision at the enraged silliness we hope to generate there.


ExIMod, send em in please.





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