[ExI] who is in favor of pardoning Snowden?

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>> A lotta posters here are not USian and get bored with the stupidity of our politics


>…If anybody living anywhere on planet Earth is bored with the very real possibility of the USA turning into a right wing dictatorship in just the next few months…


So come on over to ExiPolitics and discuss it.  Most of the readers over here have you in their spam filters for breaking rules 1 and 2.


>…then they are idiots…


And the later rule 3.  Come over, John.  We will unfilter you there.


>… and my heart goes out to them…


Cool, may your heart go out to ExI and your venom go to ExIPolitics.  



>>> Back then they were only 2 rules, don't be boring and don't be stupid. It seemed to work…


>>How can one ever know for sure one hasn’t broken those 2 here?


>…One can never be certain you've arrived at the absolute truth…  John K Clark


Join us John.  Come.  You have an audience there.  You don’t here.



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