[ExI] who is in favor of pardoning Snowden?

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*> A lotta posters here are not USian and get bored with the stupidity of
> our politics*

If anybody living anywhere on planet Earth is bored with the very real
possibility of the USA turning into a right wing dictatorship in just the
next few months then they are idiots, ... ups...sorry .... I forgot my
political correctness,,, what I meant to say is those poor people are
suffering from a tragic severe learning disability, and my heart goes out
to them.

>> Back then they were only 2 rules, don't be boring and don't be stupid.
>> It seemed to work…

*>How can one ever know for sure one hasn’t broken those 2 here?*

One can never be certain you've arrived at the absolute truth, or at least
you shouldn't be certain, but debate is usually a good tool for getting
asymptotically close to it.  I am prepared to defend every word I say, and
if somebody beats me in debate then I will abandon my previous position and
embrace their position as my own. I have zero loyalty to ideas.

John K Clark
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