[ExI] who is in favor of pardoning Snowden?

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> Johnny, are you with us on the political ghetto?  


>…I'll probably be unable to resist the urge to look in if it's formed, but I still think it's a bad idea, or rather it's an indictment of the main list… John K Clark





Or an indictment of… em…



>…Back then they were only 2 rules, don't be boring and don't be stupid. It seemed to work…



How can one ever know for sure one hasn’t broken those 2 here?


Join us John.  Indict us.  We like being indicted there.  One of our early questions is a topic on which you can shed some light.


That ghetto is a temporary, just until after our quadrennial symbolic civil war in a coupla months.  A lotta posters here are not USian and get bored with the stupidity of our politics.  But we don’t.  Come over, before we hafta start gossiping about ya.




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