[ExI] who is in favor of pardoning Snowden?

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> *Johnny, are you with us on the political ghetto?  *

I'll probably be unable to resist the urge to look in if it's formed, but I
still think it's a bad idea, or rather it's an indictment of the main list
and its management if the most important social crisis in the last century
is coming to its climax in the next few months and it is not allowed to be
discussed on the Extropian List.

> *After the November election we can resume spilling toxic venom on the
> main list, if we can get it past ExiMod.  ExiMod sounded like ExiMod meant
> business with that last warning however, and don’t want to annoy ExiMod
> before ExiMod even gets a chance to warm ExiMod’s chair.*

Mr. Mystery Man Moderator did indeed sound like he (or she) meant business,
and that makes me think my time on the Extropian List may be coming to an
end; and that will make me sad because I've had a lot of fun around here
since I wrote my first post on September 29 1993. Back then everybody would
have laughed at the idea that an enormously important topic was too
controversial for the main list because somebody's delicate sensibilities
might get offended, so a smaller ghetto list needs to be formed to protect
the snowflakes. Back then they were only 2 rules, don't be boring and don't
be stupid. It seemed to work.

By the way, is there any particular reason the moderator needs to be
anonymous? If you won't give us a name could you at least tell us if he or
she is a regular poster? Has he or she *ever* posted?

John K Clark
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